We are Theramex. And we are here to support women at every stage of their lives.

Our commitment is to listen to and understand our patients, serve their needs, and offer healthcare solutions to help improve their lives. We aim to become a lifetime partner for women and for healthcare professionals who treat them. With a portfolio of medicines that cover contraception, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis, we’re able to deliver on our commitment. We will continue to complement our portfolio by bringing new and innovative treatments in Women’s Health.

There are exciting times ahead – not only for us, but for women, healthcare professionals and our partners. Together, we can lead the way in caring for women and their health.

Welcome to Theramex. Our new journey begins here.

Our story

Theramex is a company steeped in history, with a strong commitment to Women’s Health dating back several decades.


The brand Theramex was established


The company began to grow with the launch of a treatment for postmenopausal vaginal atrophy


This growth continued with the introduction of an in-house development of progestin, indicated for pre-menopausal women with menstrual disorders and, in combination with an estrogen, for menopause


Merck acquired Theramex and launched a menopause patch, providing a great platform to expand women’s healthcare throughout Europe and international markets


Partnered with Organon to co‑develop and co‑market a monophasic estradiol pill for the contraception market


Teva Pharmaceuticals acquired Theramex and the company rebranded as Teva Women’s Health. The branded generics portfolio was expanded with the addition of new contraceptive and osteoporosis products


A fertility franchise was developed with the launch of follitropin alfa, and the addition of an oral bisphosphonate expanded the osteoporosis franchise


The Teva Women’s Health division was sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals to CVC Capital Partners, to create an international pharmaceutical company dedicated to Women’s Health.
The new Theramex was born
Read more about the acquisition here

Our commitment

Our aim is to support women at every stage of their lives. Our portfolio allows us to do this by offering treatments that cover contraception, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis.

Our portfolio contains a range of innovative, patent-protected products as well as well-established medications that have years of patient and prescriber loyalty behind them. The portfolio offers products that are indicated for:

Pregnancy prevention

Stimulation of ovulation to enable efficacy of In Vitro Fertilisation

Limitation of the adverse effects of menopause including vaginal dryness, inflammation and pain

Treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis

Our values

Alongside our commitment to caring for women and their health, we stand by four key values.


We are committed in heart and mind to improving care in Women’s Health. We strive for absolute excellence in whatever we do, and have the humility to know when we’ve hit the mark, and when we can do better


Holding ourselves to the highest ethical principles is at the center of our philosophy. We are genuine and transparent, and treat every individual with fairness and respect


We are dedicated to listening to our patients, healthcare professionals and our employees. We appreciate the value of hearing from people who offer new ideas and innovation, and working with them to improve and add to our offerings ‑ giving doctors and patients the best outcomes possible


In a world that moves fast, we need to be able to keep pace. We are efficient, nimble, and flexible; our combined professional experience in this sector means we can not only make quick decisions, but the right ones

Our people

The Theramex team is made up of over 250 passionate, experienced, multi-disciplinary medical professionals, and several third-party distributors. Simply put, we have the best people in the industry, many of whom have dedicated their entire careers to Women’s Health.

We operate globally in 50 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with dedicated sales teams in Western Europe and Australia.

We are delighted to introduce the leadership team.

Anish Mehta

Chief Executive Officer

20 years of pharmaceuticals experience, including leadership positions across Commercial, Marketing and Corporate Development functions. Significant expertise in building and leading global businesses, including projects in complex M&A and carve out situations

Anjuna Kalsi

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations, working across multiple geographies. Several previous roles as Head of Human Resources, as well as experience leading an international healthcare charity

Christophe Pelletier

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communication

20 years of experience in Women’s Health, including with Theramex under previous ownership. Significant expertise leading product launches for a range of leading global pharmaceutical companies

Ciarán Barr

Chief Financial Officer

Over 25 years of finance and accounting experience, working across three continents and a range of industries including Banking, Insurance and Travel & Telecommunications. Extensive leadership experience in both CFO and CEO roles in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector

Patrick Brunner

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations

Over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical Operations, including global leadership roles across Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Quality. Previous experience includes supply chain management for Women’s Health products, as well as building pharmaceutical companies

Susanna El-Armale

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working across the USA and Europe whilst managing global teams. Significant expertise in delivering geographic expansion and developing sustainable pipelines to support growth

Timothy Kneen

Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations

25 years of experience in pharmaceutical Commercial Operations. Multiple leadership positions across Sales and Marketing at a leading global player, with expertise in building and transforming organisations

Press Releases

Our latest press releases:

Upcoming events

We will be present at the following congresses:

Theramex Global Women’s Health Summit

Amsterdam, October 8-10th

World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility (COGI)

London, November 23-25th

More information will follow in the coming months.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about Theramex, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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